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The Effects of the Disney College Program Suspension

I have made two videos surrounding the suspension of the Disney College Program in Spring of 2020. In the most recent video, I share a lot of information I gained from a survey I created, interviews I conducted and research I did. I of course would like to share all that, but if I put it in a video, it would be an hour long. So this is the home of the remaining information that I might have not been able to add into the video. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

Survey Questions and Percentage Responses

Were you apart of the Disney College Program in Spring of 2020?

Yes 99.6%

No. .4%

Which coast's program were you apart of?

WDW 69.1%

DLR 30.9%

What Disney Internship or Program were you apart of for Spring 2020?

Disney College Program. 95.4%

International College Program 4.6%

Professional Internship

Cultural Representative Program

Were you living in "Disney Sponsored Housing" during the suspension of the DCP (Disney College Program)?

Yes 86.1%

No 13.9%

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